Gourmet Food Calgary

Gourmet food is Meez's business. Chef Judy Wood and her Meez team specialize in making ordinary food extraordinary. Our meals and catering boast fresh local ingredients as well as specialized international gourmet items. From local ingredients like Lunds Organic Farm carrots used in our regular and holiday menu to authentic Irish oatmeal and Scarpone's Italian tomatoes sold in our retail shop, Meez is all about bringing you the best in food.

Think of the light and airy crispness of phyllo pastry. Ever heard about the tenderizing power of buttermilk used as a marinating tool for chicken? What about the freshness balsamic vinegar or glaze can add to grilled vegetables? Not only does Chef Judy incorporate these amazing tips into the gourmet meals we sell in our retail shop in Willow Park, but she also hosts hands-on cooking classes held in our commercial kitchen right here in Calgary.

Re-ignite your love for gourmet food and ingredients with Chef Judy and her team at Meez. Freshly prepared meals, hands-on cooking classes, and professional catering allow you to rejuvenate your love of food and your passion for cooking.