Meez Concept

Meez Cuisine and Catering is all about pick up gourmet meals you heat and serve in the comfort of your own home. Created by Chef Judy Wood, all Meez Cuisine is prepared from scratch, with no additives or preservatives. It’s like having your own personal chef!  From appetizers to desserts and everything in between we have gourmet covered. Fine dining from your own oven!!

Chef Judy Wood believes in sit down family dinners. And the Meez concept allows families to do just that. Eat quality food with no prep time then heat, serve and enjoy. With Meez you can pop a frozen casserole in the oven before you go to work, set the oven timer and dinner is ready when you walk in the door. Some Meez meals need to be ‘cooked” like our Thai Chicken with Coconut rice but even this tasty meal takes only minutes to prepare in 4 quick steps.

  • Heat a frying pan until it is super hot, drain the marinade off the chicken.
  • Brown chicken in the super hot fry pan
  • Add the peanut sauce to the fry pan with the chicken stir.
  • Heat up the cooked coconut rice and pour the chicken and sauce on top of the rice

Voila an amazing Thai dinner in 15 minutes or less. No need for processed fast food when you can have preservative free quick and easy MEEZ meals.